IN LOVE YOUR MOTHER – “The Great Ape Project” out in October first teaser online

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Describing the music of the wild guys from IN LOVE YOUR MOTHER in words isn’t easy – and that’s a good thing! The sound is living from an unbelievably high and massive energy which is combined in a heavy sound concept. The young band’s musical influences are various: Mathcore and Progressive Metal are the base for their experimental and brutal sound. These roots and the bands’ own pepper end up in a meaty portion MotherCore. The sounds are living from an unbelievable blasting energy which is transported in a brutal sound concept. Everyone will be able to assure himself on October 10th 2014 when the album will be released via Dr. Music Records.

The idea behind their bandname delivers the content which is also represented in their music: views and insights about the sick and bad world we were warned of by our mothers. With their dissonant, technical riffs and their distinctive, yet genre-typical shouts, IN LOVE YOUR MOTHER are playing out their hearts – what is also represented in their lyrics. In the 17 songs of „The Great Ape Project“ singer and guitarist Valentine Baumgartner, bassist Amedo Mauriell and Drummer Andrea Tinner are dealing in a progressively insanee way with the fear of themselves (“Signs Of A Medium Life”), but also with the doubts they have towards society (“Ein Hase, Zwei Haese”). The conventional is refused and the band deals rather with “Fishpunks”, “Hedehogs” and “Haesen”. “Wish Me An Ocean Part 1 & 2” are addressed to the jaded homo sapiens who isn’t able to have a look beyond one’s own nose and is satisfied with his low cravings. In the first part turned off guitar lines meet hypnotic recoveries, while in the second part, the band dashes straight forward. “Johnny Rocke Is Not Dead” deals with a dadaistic comic-strip character which swings between madness and fun and its mythology is also a link to Valentin’s other Band Vendredi Soir Swing. More personal are the lyrics of “We’re Gonna Dance Till Everyone Is Naked And Fall Apart”. In this chaotic chunk, which is also the first music video, the dreams of singer Valentine where picked in a mixture of an decent boom and intense dreamy vocals.

IN LOVE YOUR MOTHER successfully transported the high energy and the brutal sound they have on stage on a studio album. The unmistakably experimental mixture is represented by every single song on the album. “The Great Ape Project“ takes the listener deliberately out of kilter and fathoms the extremes in music. This album is definetely worth a listen for everyone who is addicted to Metal and Hardcore with impacts of progressive chaos and an adequate dash of Melody. Fans of bands like MASTODON, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN or MESHUGGHA shouldn’t miss this album!

To get a first impression of “The Great Ape Project” IN LOVE YOUR MOTHER have published a teaser:

More information about IN LOVE YOUR MOTHER can be found here:




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