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Abstract Essence from Vsetín are now established as an indisputable fixture of the Czech metal scene. They have came to fame especially thanks to their elusive cocktail of metal genres, their precise and unique playing style and also their eccentric singer, with his vast range of plentiful vocal expressions.

Over the nine years of the band’s existence, the band played over 130 concerts in the Czech Republic and abroad, including slots at prestigious festivals such as Brutal Assault, Basinfire Fest or Metalgate Czech Death Fest.

The band’s recorded CDs have regularly been rated album of the year by not only several reviewers but also by fans.

Abstract Essence spent 2012 mainly in the studio, where they gave birth to their third regular album “Love Enough”. In a further bold shift forward the band have produced a mature, conceptual and clever album about the life of two people, a man and a woman, from childhood up to the definitive shattering of their illusions and lack of fulfilment in life, followed inevitably by their death. Musically the album offers an experimental, explosive blend which cannot easily be categorised into any regular metal sub-genre. It features catchy choruses and melodies, elsewhere frenzied guitar and keyboard solos with a purposefully retro sound, interesting composition structures and naturally an endless range of screams and vocal expressions, to the extent that you will find it hard to believe that they come from the throat of just one man.
The music of Abstract Essence exuberates with a creative audacity, but without their ambition overreaching itself and degenerating into an inability to maintain the form and content at an appropriately high standard. On the contrary, we have no qualms in asserting that the group’s work towers above the average mass. Both musically and lyrically the album is characterised by a strong, wild and also existential atmosphere.

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