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Do you like quality metalcore and post-hardcore in overseas fashion? Does it seem doubtful that such music can originate in the heart of the Czech Republic? Then listen to the debut album of AREA CORE from Česká Lípa! In the second installment of the annual contest MetalGate Massacre, this band managed to score the overall fourth place, yet MetalGate Records found their energetic show and music so interesting that they offered the guys a privilege otherwise reserved only for the overall contest winner. Still, aren’t AREA CORE themselves winners thanks to their honest approach to music, the kick-ass whirlwind of metalcore riffs, pissed-off growls and melodic choruses?

This prolific young bunch has been frequenting the Czech stages for over four years now. After solidifying the band line-up and musical direction between 2008 and 2009, AREA CORE released in May 2010 their first demo “Unknown Soldier”, which got them noticed, resulting in first shows outside their home of Česká Lípa. A year later, the band enrolled into the aforementioned second installment of MetalGate Massacre contest, after which they headed on a tour over Czech and Slovak clubs with  another contest finalists xXXx, as well as performed alongside Atari Terror, Horkýže Slíže or Scream of the lambs. In 2012, AREA CORE  took part in yet another contest, Startér Live XT3, winning, thanks to which they performed on the Prague-based festival Žižkovská noc. Around that time, the band also started preparations of their debut album, first in the MetalGate Studio in Vsetín, under the producer oversight of Libor Kukula, and later with Jaroslav Lukáč in Negative Tunes. The release of the album was also preceded by releasing the eponymous title track as a single, which you can listen to on band profile or download it on the Metal Online portal. Be ready, for the end is nearing and AREA CORE are coming with it!


Jakub “Suky” Soušek – Guitar, lead vocals
Honza “Goro” Gorčík – Guitar
Milan “Milung” Houžvička – Bass guitar
Robin “Buřt” Příhoda – Drums


The End Is Near (2013)

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