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BURNING SHADOWS formed over a decade ago with the intent of forging a decidedly epic brand of traditional metal that seemed to be largely absent from both their hometown of Washington, DC and the global metal scene.  Seeking to carry the torch of the genre’s greats, namely IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST, while also capturing the adventurous spirit of bands such as BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, and GAMMA RAY, the band has evolved into a potent mixture of traditional metal and European power metal that is at once high-energy, melodically catchy, and sonically majestic.

It is this quest for adventure that has culminated in the second full-length album by BURNING SHADOWS, “Gather, Darkness!”, named after and inspired by the seminal science fiction novel by legendary author Fritz Leiber.  Having always possessed a lyrical bent deeply rooted in fantasy and the otherworldly, the record comes in the form of a concept album comprised of eleven tracks divided into four distinct, tightly woven sections that unfold the story of “Gather, Darkness!”

“Gather, Darkness!” opens with a full orchestral Overture, immediately plunges into the twisted world of the Hierarchy in A Thousand Lies, sows the seeds of rebellion in “To Ruin & Divide”, and ensures victory in “Breaking the Sanctuary”. From the ominous grandeur of “Hymn to Sathanas” to the gut-wrenching, bombastic climax of “The Infamous Dawn,” “Gather, Darkness!” traverses a world fraught with chaos and unrest via a soundtrack of tight harmonies, haunting vocals, and a thunderous rhythm section, invoking at times feelings of fear, wonder, despair, wrath and even hope.


Tom Davy  (Lead Vocals)
Greg Jones (Lead Guitar, Vocals)
Tim Regan (Guitar, Bass, Vocals)
David Spencer (Percussion, Keys)



Into the Primordial (2005)
Gather, Darkness! (2012)


The Darkest Winter (2002)
Amongst the Dying Waves (2005)
Oathbreaker (2010)

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