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CREMATION was found back in 1992 and has always been an uncommercial Death Metal band! The guys fromĀ  Wallis played dozens of concerts in their home country until they released their first full-length album “Ignis” in 1999. This was followed by many support gigs for international bands which rose the motivation for their second album “Grotesque Humanity” (2002). After some changes in the line up CREMATION found the optimal crew for their future. They celebrated their 15 years anniversary back in 2007 with their first live DVD “Burn The Dead”. Until today CREMATION played many gigs and festival shows with bands like TESTAMENT, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, DYNING FETUS, GRAVE and a lot more in their home country as well as abroad.

Now in 2012 CREMATION didn’t lose their passion for well played Death Metal. Their third album is entitled “Rise of The Phoenix” and will now be released. Eleven songs of brutal, technical Death Metal, garnished by a fine feeling for details.

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