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At the foot of the vineyard, if the sun goes down and the first shadows are moving over the pictorial timber framed houses, the bardic Rhine river plains show their dark side. Who isn’t able to escape fast enough from the dark back into his sweet home, runs the risk to be overrun by the agressive and bleak riff landslides of CYCLE BEATING.

CYCLE BEATING, thats a nasty mixture of Thrash and Groove Metal combined with a juicy list of Core. This monster has claws… claws, with which it shows humanity the dark and melancholic side of the everyday¬† life quite plainly. Since 2012, the four headed ogre exsits and lurks in the shadows of the towns for it’s chance.

For the 7th of Novembre 2014 is now a dusk-to-dawn curfew for the entire federal territory advisable. CYCLE BEATING has exempt from their last donds with their debutalbum “The Age Of Depression” and is now planning a major offensive. The pounding, brutal Songs which are directly going into the ears and which attack the nervous system aren’t empty husks. They decry the drawbacks of the society of the 21st century and put a mirror directly in front of our ugly faces

“The Age Of Depression” was produced in Kohlekeller-Studios and will be released on Novembre 7th 2014.

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