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Who can provide orientation in times when values lose their meaning, when the the world as we know it is turned inside out, earthly and clerical leaders lose their authority, religions, political parties and world-views are discarded faster than you can spell “ideology”? DESOLATION give their answer: Nobody!

Consequently, the band from Hannover entitled their third album “Desoriented”, punning both on the band’s name and the German tendency to misspell English words. If the term “concept album” hadn’t come out of fashion since the late ‘70s, this album would be entitled to it, since the idea of “disorientation” is the central theme of all ten songs. Loss of direction and the feelings people have to face when they don’t know what tomorrow may have in store for them are the driving force and the lyrical parentheses of the album. The mother of god, the lamb, which takes away the sins of the world? It isn’t that easy nowadays (“Ave Maria”, “Agnus Dei”). Instead of offering salvation, the “Sainthood Of The Fallen” moves in a brute march on the last bastions of sense and order. “Dorothy”, who would only have had to knock her heels together in order to escape the chaotic world of Oz and return home to Kansas, takes her dying breath in a shabby no-tell motel. Shamed be he who thinks ill of it. Not even “L’Auberge d’Esolation” offers any refuge. Quite the contrary: In the final moments everybody is alone.

In opposition to the chaos of the evoked apocalypse stands the mathematical concept of the arrangements. DESOLATION do not leave anything to chance, which makes the music more accessible in comparison to the more experimental approach of the previous album. The wall of guitars always finds its counterpoint in the symphonic keyboards, which lends an ominous, dark and dramatic atmosphere to the music. At the same time, the use of instruments is never an end in itself, cheap showmanship isn’t what the Hanover six-piece is in business for. The acoustic ornaments, the infatuation with technicalities which many Prog Metal bands mistake for virtuosity are missing completely. Instead, up-tempo songs like the title track or “On Bloodshed” relentlessly pursue the acuteness of feelings in the face of lost virtues. But the best example is “Home Is Where The Heart Is”: The opener is the musical essence of the complete album and when keyboards, vocals and guitars paint an apocalyptical scenery, the instruments and voices of the singers push on to a climax where the listeners know that they cannot expect order, but only pain, senselessness and despair. Here the different opposites of the chorals, the force of the guitars and the solemn keyboards merge into a highly energetic amalgam.

With “Desoriented,” DESOLATION dive into a dark maelstrom from which you cannot escape and which leads you into the abyss of your own soul. “Where do you go from here?”


René Hühnerberg – Bass
Felix Hanisch – Gitarre
Nicolas Marochow – Gitarre
Johannes Bergmann – Vocals
Sebastian Thomas – Keyboards/Vocals
Thomas Nagel – Schlagzeug


Call The Storm (1999)
Under Pitch Black Skies (2006)
Desoriented (2013)

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