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Founded in 2005, ENFFEBLE are one of the well-kept secrets of the German metalscene. Their mixture of Melodic Thrash and Death Metal combined with influences of Screamo and Hardcore are made for best entertainment – in the CD player at home as well as live on stage. Right from the beginning ENFEEBLE showed their quality to get a small crowd really excited about their encouraged and emotional performance as well. The different elements which are combined on their second album “Encapsulate This Moment” represents the instrumental individuals in a surprising and refreshing form.

On “Encapsulate This Moment”, lead-guitarist Pascal Stafflage plays heavy earcatchings riffs and fiddly solos, Klaus Boven entertains with his steadily present, deep and thundering bass-guitar, Christopher Grüner dictates the rhythms with his concentric drumming and Lucas Brinker convinces with his expressive voice, which is catchy with its shouts as well as the charismatic clean passages. “Encapsulate This Moment” takes the listener by his balls and guarentees an enjoyable listening with its concentrated number of ear catchers.

ENFEEBLE are a band which focuses on the music in its core and doesn’t waste time with thinking about genres. All of this points together are the reason why “Encapsulate This Moment” is like a fresh breeze in your CD-player and the reason, that the guys show themselves as a passional liveact, who leads the audience to more and more movement in front of the stage.


Lucas B. (Luke) – Lead Vocals + Rhythm Guitar
Pascal S. (Baal) – Lead Guitar + Backing Vocals
Klaus B. (Colossus) – Bass Strings + Backing Vocals
Christopher G. – Drums’n’Heads


Too Ugly to Show it! (2007)
Encapsulate This Moment (2014)

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