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HANGATYR was found in early 2006. Cold and nordic riffing, typical Thuringian melodies and German lyrics inspired by the mythology of the band members embosses the music. Until autumn 2007 HANGATYR was working on songs for their first demo CD which was self produced.

Some time later the German label Nocturnal Empire noticed and signed the band. But before the recordings for the first album could begin a new drummer had to be found. Michael joined the band and after a short settling time he was ready for the time in the studio. Finally in the end of February 2010 everything was ready: The debut album “Helwege” was released and achieved attention nationwide for the first time.

In the time after the release HANGATYR didn’t take a rest. Several shows followed and first ideas for new songs emerged. In April 2012 the Thuringians went in The Unholy Studio to record their second album “Elemente” together with producer Christo who had already worked with the band on “Helwege”. Unfortunately Marco had to limit his commitment for the band during the records and therefore Christo played the bass on „Elemente“. But Marco still is an important part of HANGATYR and will be present on stage together with rest of the guys in the future! The last fragments were brought together in February 2013 and the album could be handed to the mastering. No one less than Alexander Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn, Chemical Burn Studios) took over the task to give “Elemente” the last fine-tuning.  As HANGATYR wanted to have the full control “Elemente” will be released by the band itself for the first time.

Be prepared for a stormy album which shows HANGATYR in a matured but not less catchy way. Mystical Pagan Black Metal in it’s best form: hymnic, melodic as well as emotional!


Marco – Bass
Ali – Guitar
Silvio – Vocals
Michael – Drums
Tele – Guitar


Helwege (2010)
Elemente (2014)

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