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INDOMITE started in early 2009, from a group of musicians unfamiliar with each other, gathered by the idea of playing a simple yet powerful metal inspired on epic themes. Releasing one digital demo and playing at local bars and small theaters, the band started changing its style in favor of a more elaborated approach to the musical writing, achieved thanks to the members getting to know each other musically.

With 2010 came a period where not only the band’s music started changing, but also the ideas behind it, changing its lyrical content to lifeinspired stories and thoughts. This was a time for sustained musical production, and reinvention of the project. This creative year bore fruit in the form of a successful 2011, with the release of “Espejo y Realidad” INDOMITEs second demo tape, delivering a speedy Power/Heavy combination.
That paved the way for the band to make its way into some of the most important local metal festivals, and receiving very positive reviews from several countries around the globe. This year finished off with the band leaving its Heavy metal background in favor of a more progressive writing style, that led up to INDOMITEs current sound.

As a new productive cycle came to an end. The band enters the studio in mid 2012 to record its debut album, named “Theater of Time, with a wider musical pallet, aiming to deliver a more profound experience to those who enjoy its music