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You could either try to describe INFINIGHT‘s music as modern US-style powermetal with low tuned, heavy Guitars, savage doublebass Attacks and powerful, yet melodic Vocals or simply call it “pure hard’n’heavy”. Either way, the band has firmly established themselves as an influential part of the region’s metal Community, building up an Army of loyal Followers over the Years. Bands such as Nevermore, Iced Earth or Brainstorm are often cited in Reviews when trying to describe their Music, yet the Band has managed to find their own Style. Critics unanimously praise INFINIGHT‘s unique Trademarks such as great melodic Arcs, mighty Choruses that will stick to your Ears, all held together by precise Drumming and powerful bass Guitars and topped off with flawlessly executed complex vocal Arrangements. The second  album “Like Puppets”, eagerly awaited by Fans, was released in 2010 to delighted reactions by Fans and critics alike, with many Reviews again comparing the album to the likes of Nevermore, Queensrÿche or Iced Earth. Just like the first album “Sea of knowledge” from 2005, “Like Puppets” demonstrates INFINIGHT‘s diversity and wealth of ideas in more than one Hour of Running Time.


INFINIGHT was founded in 2001 and the past Years have been a Roller Coaster of Experiences for the Band. After playing the usual Clubs and smaller venues InfiNight supported Freedom Call in 2003. After that, several local and national Shows with Bands such as Adorned Brood and Nocturnal Rites (SWE) followed in 2005 and 2006. In 2005 INFINIGHT were voted “Newcomer of the Year” by a German Radio station. 2006 saw them decimating their competition in the “Wacken Metal Battle”, resulting in a Gig at the legendary Wacken Open Air alongside Bands like Motörhead, Nevermore, Six feet under and the Scorpions. This Gig garnered them a lot of international attention and Reviews. In 2007 INFINIGHT headlined the U&D- Festival in Mössingen, playing to some 2500 excited Fans. This required Singer Martin Klein to be flown in from New York. In 2008 the Band decided to focus more on writing Songs for the second Album, yet still played a support show for Children of Bodom – to an Audience of more than 1500 enthusiastic black metal Fans nonetheless, which INFINIGHT managed to win over despite a wide gap to the musical Style of the Headliner. In 2009 INFINIGHT began the Production of their second Album “Like Puppets”. Again the Band, besides recording, took the Helm at editing and graphic production, too. “Like Puppets” was released in February 2010 at the Metal Carnival in front of 500 Fans and has since been gathering nothing but positive Reviews. In 2011 the label 7us Media Group re-released the Album. In 2011 and 2012 more Concerts followed, headlining various Open Air Festivals as well as support for none other than the German Metallers of Blind Guardian.


Kai Schmidt – Bass
Hendrik “Harry” Reimann – Drums
Dominique Raber – Guitars
Marco Grewenig – Guitars
Martin Klein – Vocals


– Like Puppets (CD re-release, 2011)
– Like Puppets (CD, 2010)
– Demonizer (Demo-CD, 2009)
– Sea Of Knowledge (CD, 2005)
– Beyond Reach (Promo-CD, 2004)
– Demo-Lition (Demo-CD, 2003)

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