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ISACAARUM is a long time icon of the Czech metal scene that can face, with ease and a clean shield (well, maybe somewhat sullied with excrements), all the perverts worldwide and across all the extreme genres. Their unique carnal cocktail of grindcore and black metal now floods the ranks of MetalGate Records and crystallizes into a new album. Its title, “Whorecraft”, aptly indicates what the lyric side, full of nuances and innuendos, is all about – love, of course (meaning sexual and pornographic oddities of all shapes, forms and sizes). Add to that the visual side that presents the individual verses in the same numbered form as the Book does, and you know right away from where the wind is blowing.

Of course, music is the key, and with ISACAARUM you can be damn sure that even after all those years, their instrumentation is still energetic and playfully devastating. The ferocious grindcore tempos will mercilessly pound away your brain with the ferocity of a jackhammer, the occasional slower passages will offer you no relieve either as their hefty sub-bass will lacerate your ear drums, and if you are a metal aficionado, be sure to check out especially the second track “Spermafrost” that sounds as if taken from the best repertoire of the black fornicators Carpathian Forrest. Simply put, ISACAARUM clearly demonstrate that not only they are well versed in the extreme metal styles, but can also take those and transform them into their own authentic vision.


Chymus – Vocals
F.C.- Guitars and backing vocals
Jimmy – Bass guitar and backing vocals
Monthy –  Drums


Die Verwandlung (1997)
Curbed (2000)
Cunt Hackers (2001)
Menses Exorcism (2003)
Shibari Kata and Other Practices (2005)
Vaseline (2011)
Whorecraft (2013)

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