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LEVIATHAN is a progressive metal band formed in Colorado in 1989 by guitarist/leader Ronnie Skeen, guitarist Steve Fugate, and vocalist Tom Braden; the original lineup was completed by drummer Ty Tammeus and bassist James Escobedo. Just before the group recorded its self-titled debut EP in 1991, Fugate left the group to be replaced by John Lutzow.

LEVIATHAN recorded its full-length debut in 1993 with new vocalist Jack Aragon; Deepest Secrets Beneath became a minor hit overseas, particularly in Japan. However, the group nearly fell apart afterwards; Skeen and Lutzow saw the remainder of the group defect, and moved to plug the holes with vocalist, Jeff Ward, bassist Derek Blake, and drummer Trevor Helfer. This lineup recorded Riddles, Questions, Poetry, and Outrage in 1996. This Album received outstanding reviews worldwide from the music press and landed the band a record deal with Century Media. The band continued to grow and expand the boundaries of metal and progressive rock. After the RQPO album, LEVIATHAN had clearly established themselves as real contenders in the progressive music genre with their top notch musicianship and song writing. In 1997 they performed at the Powermad festival in Baltimore, MD. This delighted progressive metal fans from all over the globe that had traveled thousands of miles to finally see them play. That same year they released their most progressive and daring album to date, Scoring the Chapters. This album was self-published, after the Band made the decision to leave Century Media due to internal conflicts. Musical exhaustion and frustration with record labels pushed the band to dissolve in 1998. In 2001 Guitarist John Lutzow reunited with bassist Derek Blake. Together they brought back to life a solo project that John had worked on in the nineties called “Braver Since Then.” BST began recording and releasing albums.

In 2007 BST needed to find a new drummer and was lucky enough to track down Trevor Helfer. This reconnect began the journey to the complete band reunion. Jeff Ward and Ron Skeen were convinced to embrace the project and prospect of reaching old fans and making a statement worldwide to new fans with fresh material. The Reunion shows were a great success. Video footage shows the ease and comfort the band has with each other and how rare it is to find a musical connection. Chemistry and enjoyment of playing are clear in the faces of each band member. Passion has always been at the core of LEVIATHAN. The live DVD/CD set displays this perfectly with a visual journey from the bands humble beginning. Any fan of the Leviathan or Progressive music in general will be amazed at the level of musicianship and technical ability that never left this band. The writing and emotion present in every note will satisfy even the most discerning listeners. Anyone looking for music that has depth, meaning and soul will be completely enthralled.


Jeff Ward – Vocals
John Lutzow – Guitar/Keyboards
Dave Rumbold – Drums
Derek Blake – Bass/Backing Vocals


1993 Leviathan EP, self published
1994 Deepest Secrets Beneath, Rock The Nations
1996 Riddles Questions Peotry & Outrage, Century Media
1997 Century Media Release: Tribute to Judas Priest vol.2
1997 Scoring the Chapters, self puplished
2010 Resurrected – Reunion Show 2010,, Stonefellowship Recordings
2010 Deepest Secrets Beneath (EP), Stonefellowship Recordings
2011 At long Last, Progress stopped to Follow, Stonefellowship Recordings

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