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The poisonous thorn named LIVEEVIL from Hranice and Ostrava has been firmly entrenched under the skin of the Czech metal scene since 2003 when the band was formed by Petr Staněk, former vocalist and guitarist of one of the Czech all-time greats SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY.

In their music, LIVEEVIL mix electronic samples with metal, achieving however a unique sound, which makes them clearly distinguishable from bands playing similar music. Music-wise, the main traits are straightforward guitar riffs combined with melodic keyboard hymns that result in incredibly catchy compositions. In one moment you find yourself in a dark and dreary world, while in the next you are swept away by almost disco-like rhythms; and add to that the frontman’s charismatic vocals that run across multiple styles, from growls to deep clear vocals. Reviewers tend to compare LIVEEVIL to PAIN or DEATHSTARS, but rest assured, the band in question stands firmly on its own legs.

Liveevil performed on stage alongside DARK TRANQUILLITY, SUFFOCATION and many moe; their festival appearances include metalgate czech death fest, noc plná hvězd, psyché fest, beseda u bigbítu, modern inquisition experiment, fullmoon, ludkovická plečka.


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