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NORTHERN PLAGUEs foundation goes back to July 2009 as Fenris and Saryon (ex-drummer) startet the first regularly rehearsels. It was checkered time, when first problems started to emerge. The first breakthrough came in the beginning of 2010 as Ghorakh (Bass) and Janus (Guitar) joined the band. At the same time the first intensive preparation for the bands debut release took place.

The result of about one year of work was the recording of the first EP “Blizzard of The North” in the HERTZ studio (where also bands like Vader, Decapitated, and Hate recorded their albums) together with the Wieslawski brothers. The band gained experience through their shows in whole Poland. June 2011 was not only the release of the debut EP “Blizzard of the North” but also a new drummer joined NORTHERN PLAGUE – Damyen. The band started again to work hard to promote “Blizzard of the North”. The recordings got excellent reviews in Poland as well as internationally, which was an extra motivation to play more live shows. The band shared the stage with DECAPITATED, PANDEMONIUM, LOST SOUL, FRONTISDE, TRAUMA among others. Further more NORTHERN PAGUE played two tours in Poland: The “We Are The Plague Tour 2012” and the “Faces Of Rage Tour”. In the end of 2012, NORTHERN PLAGUE played some shows on the “Back To The Plague Tour 2012” as support for the undisputed leader of heavy tunes – VADER. The newest release of the band was a music video for the song “Pestilence”.

The year 2013 NORTHERN PLAGUE spent with the intense work on their first full-length-album. After months of hard rehearsals, the recordings started in the Division Studio in Warschau. The album “Manifesto” was recorderd in the Sound Division Studio (BEHEMOTH, DECAPITATED, HATE) under the eye of Arkadiusz “Malta” Malczewski. He was not only the producer and sound engineer, but has done the mixing of the album as well, which took place in the HERTZ STUDIO in Bialystok. NORTHERN PLAGUE has also signed a contract with the renowned German label Folter Records to release “Manifesto”. A new chapter to start in the band’s history as well as the release of the album are planned for January 2014 …


Ghorakh – Bass
Damyen – Drums
Janus – Guitars
Fenris – Vocals, Guitars


Blizzard of the North (EP)

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