Mar 31st, 2015 | By | Category: Band

REVENGE DIVISION  is a young band from Povážská Bystrica, playing its own synthesis of death and thrash metal with modern metalcore overtones. The act was established in May 2011, though its roots stretch back to 2008 when the core members Matej, Tom and Eduard met at high-school and started playing together mostly covers of well known bands. With the arrival of Juraj as the second guitarist and Jeremy who took the vocalist post, Revenge Division started composing their first original songs, which were recorded in 2011 on the “Mediocracy” demo. Soon after, the band started appearing live, as well as running in various music contests.

As far as music style goes, REVENGE DIVISION combine Swedish melodic death metal, the classic thrash metal and metalcore influences, with the emphasis on energy, melody and wide vocal range. Thus far, the band’s milestone were bronze in MetalGate Massacre metal bands contest, reaching the final round of Wacken Metal Battle Slovakia, or supporting the American deathcore icon Carnifex. Towards the end of 2012, Revenge Division entered the Seabeast Studio in Prague, recording their full-length debut, entitled “The New Generation”, which was released by MetalGate Records in the end of 2014.  Lyrics-wise, the debut comments on the state of today’s world, dealing with issues such as manipulation, curtailing of personal freedom, media propaganda, or abuse of warfare or religion.