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Modern, creative and versatile are impressions you ́ll get by listening to Secrets of Sin ́s debut “Future Memories”. Catchy melodies and choruses mixed with lovely hooks leave you humming for days. The mashup between modern metal and symphonic orchestra combined with two destinctive voices creates an impressiv LP which definitly flashes your mind.

A lot has changed since the 6 musicians released their first demo “Fairytales” in 2009.
Several performed gigs, a new female singer, their first video shoot and the recording of
“Future Memories” formed the band to a more grown up and experienced unit. But there still is no end in sight. Secrets of Sin are just at the beginning of their possibilities.

Their current release “Future Memories” holds up with many unexpected songs which still have new things to discover even after several times
of listening. Let “The Joker” show you his game or be carried away by “Shadows”. 2013 definitly is going to be an eventful year.


Future Memories (2013)
Fairytails (2009, Demo)

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