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For long time now, the South Moravian SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION constitute one of the most rigorous and the most focused acts of the Czech metal scene. You may remember them as a doom metal band, but that no longer is the case since the turn of the millennium. With the arrival of new members the band became a progressive thrashing hydra with unique sound, melodic and rhythmic compositions, as well as with the unmistakable presentation of the vocalist Doctor. Now, after three long years since the last, highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike, album “Of Us”, MetalGate Records is proud to release its successor with the elegiac title “The Hike & Other Laments”.

On this brand new album, SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION further enhances its specific sound, using rich arrangements, thundering hymns that include plenty of backing vocals, and distinctive guitar riffs. Lyrics, as usual, focus on personal themes and narratives from the lives of individual band members, displaying a clear musical and personal maturation. On “The Hike & Other Laments” we have the honor of dealing with a high-quality band, confident in terms of expression, serving on a silver platter their art and emotions packed in an album that is polished like a diamond.


Doctor – Bass guitar and lead vocals
Vlasa – Guitar and backing vocals
Canni – Guitar
Pickard – Drums


Moon 2002: Nocturnal Breed (2002)
Triotus, Tricephalus and Tribadism (2005)
Chain-driven Sunset (2007)
Of Us (2010)
The Hike & Other Laments (2013)

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