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Steeld-Band-2013STEELD is a Nu Metal band influenced by Alternative Rock and Metal bands like SLIPKNOT, PAPA ROACH and STAIND. The band members are all from different places in Switzerland.

STEELD was founded in october 2001 as a nameless music project of drummer Davide Cantoni, Keyboarder Ugo Greco und Sänger Andy Aerni.
Together they worked out their personal style of Nu Metal and after a short period of time guitarist Daniel Neuhaus joins the group.
Keyboarder Greco changes his instrument and plays bass from then on.
On August the 1st, 2003 they got their name finally: STEELD

In 2005 DJ Mathias Widmer joins the band and brings new influences to their music: They now combine their hooks, meldodies and the hard riffing with rap lyrics, scratching and sampling done by a DJ.

STEELD play their Metal with five and seven stringed instruments, they do hard riffing combined with clean passages and melodic hooklines. In 2009 they released their EP „Extendend Play“.
In 2013 STEELD are on tour in Russia to get their music to more Metal fans.

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