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THORNGOTH, which means “the horned foe” in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Eldar language, was founded 2003 in Bad Tölz, Germany. Since the very first days the band has played its very own style of Black Metal. In 2005 the first demo “Sigillum”was released which provided the basis for the bands further carer.

After the release of “Thelema of Destruction” via Northern Silence Productions THORNGOTH left their marks in the German Black Metal scene with their two following albums “Rauchnacht” and “Leere”. Both albums were released via Folter Records and showed the high quality of the band which was appreciated from the fans as well as the press. After many gigs the show at the Under The Black Sun Festival in 2009 was a milestone for THORNGOTH.

Now after many years of hard work and another improvement of the bands own sound the album “SCHWARZ-KARG-KALT” is finished. On the basis of Black Metal in their own style  THORNGOTH have given more and more space for Death and Doom Metal influences. The result shows that the potential of the band isn’t exhausted for a long time yet and that their passion develops their style more and more. “SCHWARZ-KARG-KALT” is characterized by a deep atmosphere and many small details which make the listening interesting over the full length of the time. It’s definitely the most ambitious album in the carreer of THORNGOTH so far.

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