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After two years of hard work, the eighth studio album of the Czech death metal icon TORTHARRY, entitled Follow, is unleashed upon the world and coming with guns blazing production. The music site of the matter, from recording to final mastering, was orchestrated in the renowned Hertz studio in Poland, a favorite spot for many acclaimed metal bands from worldwide metal scene, resulting in a brutal death metal mayhem with sharp-as-razor sound. Visualization then comes from the master of Czech metal art, Jaromír “Deather” Bezruč, whose dark illustrations fit precisely with the album theme, for this time, the court lyricist of TORTHARRY Štefan Ležovič envisioned the piece as a reaction to the contemporary world, in which our liberties are slowly curtailed one by one, until there is no other option than become part of the mindless herd – hence Follow. Simply put, what awaits you is a grueling death metal blast on a truly profound topic!

The Czech metal act TORTHARRY is active on the Czech metal scene since 1991, arising on the ashes of a preceding band named Executor, beginning its death metal direction already with the first demo “Mezi nebem a peklem”. Since then, the guys have behind their belt eight studio albums (Follow included), contributions to several compilations, including “Tribute to Death” (USA, 1999), and a myriad of gigs, with notable highlights being two shows in Czech Republic in 1998 with the ultimate genre icon Death and the South American tour with Gorgoroth and Belphegor in 2007.


Daniel Pavlík – Guitars, Lead Vocals
Martin “Lemy” Vacek – Bass, Backing Vocals
Jiří “Panther” Roas – Drums


When the Memories Are Free (1994)
Book of Dreams (1997)
Unseen (1999)
White (2003)
Reborn (2006)
Round Table of Suicide (2008)
Beneath (2010)
Follow (2013)

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