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Even without throwing superlatives around, the story of rock quartet UNZUCHT from German state Lower Saxony, that combines influences from Gothic, Industrial and Metal in their sound with extremely melodic vocals, can be called remarkable. Just last fall UNZUCHT set out on a trek with more than 40 shows – they played a tour with MONO INC., then a tour with Megaherz, then all Dark End Festivals 2012 and finally in 2013 the acclaimed co-headliner-tour “Darkness Kills” with their friends Lord Of The Lost in front of thousands of fans.

History: Not just from the web tv episodes of the band’s own youtube series “Das Gothic-Internat” (The gothic boarding school) can give an at times disturbing look behind the scenes. What is it with their own distinct language, that has already been enthusiastically picked up by their fans? Who or what are “Schrakk” and “Schnizzle”? Why is “Schrakk” already being carried around in button form on countless black bags all across Germany? Questions that can’t be answered without complex research in the history of Unzucht. It was around 2009 when De Clercq, UNZUCHT‘s guitarist and electro wizard, came up with a plan. With a subterfuge that is impossible to reconstruct, he lured the half-spanish singer Der Schulz, who was on the verge of moving back to his old home Galicia, to an unspecified island in the frisian Caribbean, which is since then known only as “La Isla Muerta”. This is where, for reasons unknown, Blaschke and Fuhrmann came into play. The island’s chronicle is full of loopholes about the events, but one thing is shure: First demos were recorded, the foundation for Unzucht was built. But why is the band’s webshop, where fans order t-shirts and tickets today, called “Caribbean Gothic”? And what exactly is it about this “gothic boarding school”? Questions, nothing but questions.

With their second album “Rosenkreuzer” ready to be unleashed, Germany’s darkest rockers are about to invade playlists once again. “Rosenkreuzer” – named after members of mystical secret societies – features 13 brand new UNZUCHT songs, 12 previously unreleased originals as well as a surprising  cover version of the spanish rock classic “Entre Dos Tierras” by Héroes Del Silencio.

While lyrically, heavy subjects such as perishability, pain and loss are being tackled, the music has also become much more melancholic than last year’s debut “Todsünde 8”. Clever electronic meets metal riffs and pounding beats – the dark and powerfull timbre of singer Der Schulz adding layers on top.

Once again produced by UNZUCHT themselves, all songs have been recorded and mixed at Institut für Wohlklangforschung in Hannover with Willi Dammeier (Apoptygma Berzerk, Dimmu Borgir).


Daniel “Der Schulz” Schulz – Vocals
Daniel De Clercq – Guitar, Vocals, Electronicts
Alex Blaschke – Bass
Toby Fuhrmann – Drums


Todsünde 8 (2012)
Rosenkreuzer (2013)

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UNZUCHT Homepage
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