Metal Promotions is able to help you promoting your band all over Europe by getting your release noticed by every important online-magazine. The advantages are obvious: You are rid of the job and can concentrate on your music. Furthermore it is far easier for us to get your release heard and reviewed. With about 1300 contacts we are able to reach a lot of magazines and editors. Your MP3 files that are published at our media library are marked with an unique watermark, which allows detecting illegitimate use of your release or publication at torrents. By offering a limited account of your CDs, you can provide better incentives to get your release reviewed.


Its a huge difference if a CD is sold at a band page or in an online shop. Professional mailorders are able to reach far more consuments and can place your advertisments next to other products that fit your music and secure you a lot of attention. Another advantage is the fact that you get better reputations just because one can find you in an online shop.


Lots of bands try to promote themselves by sending their promo-packages to several well-known labes. The problem isn’t just refinancing the costs and the fact that the possibility to get heard or signed is very small – there are lots of different ways to get public awareness to your product. The same problem often goes with festival bids. Younger bands that aren’t willing to accept such dubious pay-for-play proposals, often don’t have any possibilities to play there at all. Metal Promotions provides more than making up a proper press-kit. We will help you to promote your band and find the best way to get your music to the people – with or without a label, online, live, but above all: effectively!


New Media give room to lots of new possibilities. The classical marketing mix offers new capabilities that are pretty worth using them. To reach the proper audience for your music, it is very important to select proper ways of promotion. A lot of bands do not get the attention they deserve. One of the reasons is that this challenge is way to specific and needs a lot of experience. Even if songs are brought to perfection patiently, usually much less effort is put into making the release widely known. Metal Promotions offers the experience and the connections to change this and to bring your music to light.